The VERNet Service Portal is a resource provided by the VERNet Service Delivery team. It is available 24 hours a day and is intended to provide you and your institution with a one-stop portal to access documentation on your services, as well as a channel to provide VERNet with the information required to support the network.

What can I do here?

The VERNet Service Portal is intended to replace older systems for cataloguing data and in some cases to provide a method of collecting new data from customers to aid service delivery.

It is intended as a self serve system enabling your institution to:

  • Keep VERNet aware of the key contacts at your institution.
  • Provide an easy and integrated method of updating Customer Site details.
  • Provide and manage details of site contacts for site access by VERNet technicians.
  • Manage outage notification list.
  • View and manage user accounts.
  • Submit new technical support queries and requests.
  • See live status information on your services from VERNet PoPs.
  • Download provisioning statements for your services.

What's coming up?

The roadmap for this portal includes ongoing service updates from the VERNet Service Delivery Team, and in addition to our own ideas we would also highly value your feedback on what you would like to see provided via this portal. Please contact our Service Delivery Team via the details provided on the support page with any of your feedback.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the VERNet Service Portal!