Service Support

VERNet offers two types of services - Unmanaged and Managed. VERNet Unmanaged services are not centrally monitored by the VERNet NOC. VERNet Managed Services are centrally monitored by the VERNet NOC. Failures on lineside 'trunk' links are notified to NOC staff and investigated, in some cases before the fault becomes service affecting. For further information please refer to the "VERN Services" document in our knowledgebase.

Via Telephone - 1300 VERNET (1300 837 638)

Incidents and Faults (Option 1)

The VERNet NOC operates twenty-four hours a day, 365 days of the year and is available to respond immediately to customer fault reports and enquiries.

To enjoy the best possible quality of service from the NOC service, please have the following information ready when calling:

  • VERN Service ID (eg; VER63872401B)
  • Location of Fault (if known)
  • Number of Sites or Services Affected
  • A description of the fault (eg; link flapping)
  • Time of first fault occurrence.
  • Impact of the fault on your operating environment

Callers will be issued with a case number which should be recorded immediately and quoted when discussing the issue with the NOC. Failure to keep a record of the case number may lead to delays in processing faults.

Technical Support Queries (Option 2)

VERNet staff operate a telephone service for resolving technical support queries of a non-urgent and non-service affecting nature. This service is available between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays).

Via The Web - Log in to view tickets

You view your open technical support, or service related queries through our Support Tracking System.

Open tickets at a glance:

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Via Email - Log in to view

VERNet offers support for submitting technical support, or service related queries of a non-urgent nature to our Support Ticketing System via email.